require "includes/header.php";

// Forum topic list.
if (isset($_GET["fcategory"])) {
    $category_id = $_GET["fcategory"];
  foreach($handler->query("SELECT * FROM forum_topics WHERE category_id = '$category_id' ORDER BY id DESC") as $row) {
        echo "<div class='forum_topic_title'><h1><a href='".$host."/ftopic/".$row['id']."/".$row['topic_title_seo']."'>".$row['topic_title']."</a></h1></div>";

// Forum post content.
else if (isset($_GET["ftopic"])) {
  $topic_id = $_GET["ftopic"];
  foreach($handler->query("SELECT * FROM forum_posts WHERE topic_id = '$topic_id' ORDER BY id DESC") as $row) {
    echo "<div class='forum_post_content'>".$row['post_content']."</div>";
// Forum category list.
else {
  foreach($handler->query("SELECT * FROM forum_categories ORDER BY id DESC") as $row) {
    echo "<div class='forum_category_title'><h1><a href='".$host."/fcategory/".$row['id']."/".$row['category_title_seo']."'>".$row['category_title']."</a></h1></div>";
    echo "<div class='forum_category_description'>".$row['category_description']."</div>";

require "includes/footer.php";


# Turn Rewrite Engine On
# NC makes the rule non case sesnitive
# L makes this the last rule that this specific condition will match
# Rewrite for custom.php?article=xxxxx

RewriteEngine on

# Rewrite for index.php
RewriteRule ^index index.php [NC,L]
RewriteRule ^article/([0-9]+) index.php?article=$1 [NC,L]

# Rewrite for forum.php
RewriteRule ^forum forum.php [NC,L]

RewriteRule ^fcategory/([0-9]+) forum.php?fcategory=$1 [NC,L]

RewriteRule ^ftopic([0-9]+) forum.php?ftopic=$1 [NC,L]

Looks like you missed the slash between ftopic([0-9]+)在最后一个规则中,在你的模式中。CBROE
Oh im so embarrassed! :D Thank you!Clude1987
RewriteRule ^index index.php [NC,L]威尔肯定会创建一个重写循环。RewriteRule ^forum forum.php [NC,L]Arkascha

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